Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring into craziness

Well, here we are, mid April and spring has finally sprung!! Still no baby, and no luck on selling our house:( The weather however has made this all easier to handle. I'm in the midst of ovulation and am really hoping it happened this month. I didn't have the extreme cramping I had last month but I did get a positive on an ovulation test. I am on cd 19 and obviously o'd later than I did last month, I just need to watch my temps over the next few dats to confirm! I was supposed to go in for bloodwork on in 3 days but since I ovulated later in my cycle I'm going to wait a few more days. I have a positive Feeling this month, Lord knows Wes and I have "covered" our bases! We will try this one more month if this cycle is unsucessful. I just am afraid I will hurt my ovaries dye to the clomid if we continue for much longer. Please keep us in your prayers!

In real estate news, our house has now been on the market for 33 days! We have had 21 showings and mainly all positive feedback. The main issue for buyers is the stupid parking lot that our house backs up to! I on the other hand LOVE having the privacy of no neighbors living behind us. It's a church for crying out loud!! The only time the lot is full is Sunday, and it's clear by 1 pm!! Good thing our trees are almost all full and covering the view from our windows!! We have been looking for houses every weekend since we listed. We have found a few strong canidates that I could deffinitly picture myself living in! Now we just need to sell our place!

We leave for Florida in a couple weeks and honestly, I can't wait! I was very hesitant on even going since wes will be there for
buisness and I will be stuck with the girls everyday! Then I thought about it, stuck with the kids at home in Kansas or stuck with the kids in Florida at a 5 star resort laying by the pool, hmmm?? We are staying with wess parents for the first few days in Ft.Meyers and then driving up to Orlando. We will try to go to the park one day and maybe seaworld the next, the rest of the week will be poolside at the resort! Hopefully I will be able to spend some evenings with Wes, much needed!! After our return we will be planning out next vaction to NY!! Busy busy! But hey, it's better than sitting around and being bored!

I'll try and update my blog more often, between cleaning, showings, kids, school, it gets crazy and then it's time for bed! Hope everyone is enjoying spring!!