Monday, July 12, 2010

My baby is 3

It's so crazy how time seems to slip right out from under us! i remember being pregnant with Ava and it seeming like it would never end, then In the blink of an eye your there in the delivery room holding your precious baby! the days and weeks seem to go by in nano seconds when you have a newborn, you are constantly waiting for the millstones, the first smile, the first time they roll over,laughing, crawling, standing, walking. That first year is a blur, thank god for photos and video! Now here we are about to begin 3 yr old preschool. Ava seems very wise for her age, she speaks so well, and actually listens and understands emotion! I owe alot of her advancement to her big sister. Elise is always helping Ava with games, and answers her in their own "sister language". Ava is our more subdued, quiet one that seems to sit back and observe. But don't let her quiet disposition fool you, she can play just as hard if not harder than most! The two seem to compliment each other so well. Elise is very strong willed, independent, active, and great at solving problems. Ava is the thinker, the voice of reason, she also will ask for help when needed. The two of them are the perfect pair. Many people ask if they are twins, they are 19 mos apart and look so alike. Ava is almost as tall as her big sister, so I can see why people would think that. I especially get asked that at the grocery store when they are riding in the cart!
We had a great little party this past weekend, and Ava got a big girl bike, which unbenonced to her has a busted front tire, so we will have to return it when we get home form NY. We leave for NY tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. After my miscarriage I have been craving a vacation. I want to be with my parents and sister, and surround myself with people that care about me! We are having a huge BBQ bash for Ava and basically a family reunion this Saturday. Family is coming form all over the east coast, so I am just totally excited! I cant wait to see everyone! The day we are supposed to return( 7-21)I will be 12 dpo which mean test time! I ovulated this past Saturday, right during Ava's party, go figure! so Hopefully we will have some good news to share soon. If not, onto next month, I have learned that it will happen when its supposed to and no matter how bad I obsess or how many tests I take its still all up to God. well, i better get to packing! I will leave ya with some pics of Ava's birthday!