Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love this boy!

Here are some of my favorite recent pic's of little nugget! i just can't get enough of him.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stress, showings, and more stress.

Whom ever suggested selling our house while raising 3 kids needs to be shot...Oh, wait, that was me. doooh. I am completely overwhelmed. We listed last Thursday and have already had our open house, brokers open, and 7 showings. That is quite a bit of activity for one week and it has paid it's toll. Keeping this house spotless with kids is nearly impossible, but yet I somehow find a way to do it. We are going to have quite a game of hide and seek once we start packing. Mail is shoved in drawers, laundry(every ones) thrown in various drawers, diapers and wipes hidden behind couches. It's crazy!! I have a 30 minute notice to vacate with 3 kids and dogs once i get a phone call for a showing. It usually takes 30+ minutes just to make it out of the house with the kids let alone, 2 dogs and a tornado clean-up. I am trying to stay optimistic in this horrible market, but it's so hard. Last year was an utter FAIL and that's all I keep envisioning. All this hard work and stress for nothing. I want to get out of here and move onto bigger better things, but until that right buyer comes, we're stuck. The kids can feel the strain, i am constantly reminding them to pick up, not make a mess, don't play with that...! Hopefully by next post we will have at least a nibble to report. until then, I will dream of my soaker tub and huge walk in closet...