Friday, February 25, 2011

Is this real?

I guess for the past 8 months the thought of actually bringing home a baby has been in the back, most hidden place in my mind. Feeling him move, seeing his crib all ready and waiting, you would think that these things would help me into reality. Not at all. I feel like a first time mom, the one's that have no clue as to how life is going to change. I have become so comfortable and set in my ways that the thought of something so drastic changing all that is ridiculous. I want nothing more than to meet my little guy, and the anticipation is killing me, im just scared. I am scared of how the girls will react of how Wes and I will have to re-adjust, of everything. I would have thought, hey this is baby #3, I should be a pro...I feel like a scared little girl walking down the path of the unknow. It is just so bizarre. I know that once he is here adjusting will be a cinch, but just thinking about it makes me anxious. I only have a few short weeks left and everything is pretty much set. I can't believe the time is here and our long journey of infertility and even loss are over. We got the miracle we set out for. I just pray that these last few weeks and even the weeks after his birth run smoothly.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stop and Pray

Friday night I was catching up on my blogger buddies when I read a post that shook my soul. A woman that I met through a Web MD board had lost her dear sweet baby girl suddenly this past Thursday. The sweet baby was at the babysitter and stopped breathing. I had to read and re-read this post over and over agin before it could sink in. I have been following this womans story from her positive pregnancy test to now. She is bravely talking about this through her blog and everytime I read a new post my heart just breaks for her. Why must God take such innocence?? Why must he punish good, loving parents?? I know SIDS is a reality and that it DOES happen, I just hate that it does. Please say a prayer for this woman, her husband and their family as they embark on this journey that no one ever should.

Is nesting really a necessity?

Why do us pregnant women feel it's a necessity to clean every nook and cranny before our babies come?? Will a newborn really resent us if the freezer or tupperware cabinet are not in tip top shape? I find myself with an endless list of things that MUST get done and while it sounds amazing in my head, my body just gives out halfway through the task. Today the agenda was : clean and organize Wes and my closet, re fold all towels and sheet sets in the linen closet, clean under the sinks and organize our bathroom crap. What I ended up doing was : Detail my freezer, clean under the whole unti, and then detail the entire kitchen. I scrubbed dog bowls, and even cleaned out my oven!! The kitchen is so sparkly clean I refused to cook in it!! This took an exhausting 3 hours, I took a "lunch break" and that actually carried right over into "dinner break." I did manage to get to the grocery store and get all my week meal ingredients. Now Im hurting. My legs, hips and feet are done!! Im going to reward myself with some oreo's and hit the sack. Tomorrow I might just cross something off my list...or create a new one!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too good to keep to myself

Okay Mommas! This is how its done!First, you will need an Amazon account (It's free, and wonderfull)Then you need to sign up for Amazon mom- Also free. This will give you 3 months of free shipping and 30% off diapers and wipes ordered thru subscibe and save( guess what, subscribe and save is free too!)Now, you need to get an Amazon 20% off diapers code found in many parenting magazines. Right now, you will be at 50% off your diapers, how sick of a deal is that?! Now here is where you can really sweeten the pot, In random issues of parenting the early years and fit pregnancy there is a $10 off a baby store purchase on Amazon. You can use both of these codes on one order!He is how my order broke down,$40.88 was the cost of the box of pampers I chose.I got free shipping with Amazon mom )I saved $8.18 with the 20% off diapers code.I saved $10 with my $10 off codeThen finally, I saved $12.26 buy signing up for subscribe and save.Making my Total $10.44 for 204 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers size 3!*THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND*You can only do one box at a time with subscribe and save.Only certain diaper brands qualify. I'm not sure what ones, I always do pampers. Other companies sell on Amazon, and only diapers shipped and sold by Amazon will qualify.You can only use one of each code per account, per experation date. (So you can only use one 20% off code that expires on 2/28/11on your account but can use another with a different experation date)My husband and I both have accounts to solve that problem )You can get better deals/more diapers depending on what size you need!The $10 off coupons are VERY HARD to come by. But even with only the 20% off code, the diapers would be about $20!

I signed up on Saturday and my total was $22.37 for 180 nb size diapers!! The best part (that i didn't believe would really happen) is that the 2-3 day shipping was just that!! 3 Days, and free!!! I am going to go ahead and cancel my subscription and re-subscribe for the same great savings!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preggo Pics

Maternity shots done by my sister. And weeks 27, 29, and 31.