Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bloggers Block

Sorry I've been MIA lately! It's been so nice outside and the girls and I are taking full advantage of the not so cold, not yet too hot weather! I felt like posting updates to my cycle but figured that repeating the same crap every month is getting rather old! I am trying to de-stress and relax! We have so much going on right now! School, watching kids, hair appts, tans,nails,Florida,Easter,birthdays, yikes!!!! I really can't think of much else to write about, crazy I know! I'm known for my long winded posts! I guess we can sum this up to Bloggers Block!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Things that go Bump in the night, part deux

It happened again!!!!

Ava Mae split her forehead open just millimeters from her previous forehead laceration!! 2x in five months, I'm praying this is it for awhile, if I bring this kid to the ER one more time they'll arrest me!!

I watch a girlfriend from highschools 4 year old daughter on MWF, the girls were all playing nicely in the basement while I was trimming the leaves off my dying palm tree. Candace(mommy of Paige) arrived and we were chit chatting in my front entry. We all the sudden hear Ava start crying. At first we both assumed it was due to a hit from one of the girls or a toy taken away. When the crying intensified I recognized the injury cry! I went flying down the steps, Candace at me heels. I flung open the basement door and there stood my little Ava covered in blood! I'm talking bucket of blood, Carrie style! I saw the cut and put my hand over it, grabbed her and ran to the kitchen. I grabbed some wet paper towels and applied pressure. Candace grabbed my phone and called Wes and then 911. Poor Candace, she was shaking worse than me. Wes left work and headed home, the ambulance was in route and we were all shaken up! Ava in the meantime was just laying on the floor asking what was all over my hands(blood)! I kept distracting her and comforting her until the EMTs showed up! We quickly let them in and they started they're assesment! Total: 2 police cars, an ambulance, and fire suv! The police were questioning me about what happened while the EMTs were checking out ava's condition. I understand they have to ask how, and where it happened but does each police
officer have to ask?? It makes you feel guilty of something you had no control over. My favorite was, " were the kids playing alone?" yes!! They were! Arrest me!! It turns out that a speaker inthe basement was pushed over by Elise and bonked Ava right on the head! The EMTs bandaged her up and gave her the ok to head to the hospital via our car. I waited for Wes and once he arrived we headed on out! I wish I had pictures of the basement, it looked like we slaughtered a goat! Hand prints in blood streaked on the walls, blood on the door knob! Perfect for potential house buyers!! Haha
We got to the childrens hospital and triaged fairly quickly. They put a numbing gel on her cut and them 3 stitches later we were done! I gave the abriged version, it took almost 4 hours start to finish. We picked Ava up a Happy Meal(since she was the model patient) and headed home.

Fast forward to morning.

Ava wakes me around 8 am, she is standing next to my bed and softly tells me " Elise helped me get the HAIR out of my owie"! Hair??? I immediatly moved her bangs and saw the one dangling stitch left! Are you serious??? Why are you not crying?? Why isn't it bleeding??? Oh dear God!!! I set up an appoinment to see her pediatrician. They taped it up and said be careful! Wow, thanks guys! I could have saved my 40$ and put a "hello kitty" band aide on it at home!

She is playing like normal and just must be accident prone! I can't stop shaking my head everytime I look at her!

I'll post some pics soon!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet emotions?

The house has been on the market now for 10 days! We have had a showing every single day except Sat, and Mon but had 3 last Thursday! Well today I made the mistake of doing a "drive by", the woman was sitting on the front porch while her husband was inside talking to the Realtor. I got a weird feeling that these might be the couple to buy our house. Around 8pm tonight we got an email feedback from they're Realtor, it said: " loved the house, shows very nicely, great updates! Buyers are a little unsure about the floor plan.". We are taking this as very positive feedback! At our price range most houses are in the same layout, we just have a more updated version, plus the fab walk out basement!!! We are hoping the view other homes in the area and realize this is the best fit for them!

Now on the other end. I realized after reading this that someone is going to buy our house. This will no longer be ours! I know it sounds lame and overly emotional but this was our first house! We renovated it inch by inch. We had both girls in this house, celebrated countless birthdays and holidays. Now someone else will be doing this! I know we will be in a bigger and better house but I have grown to love this place!

I need to re-read "money pit" post

I was cooking in my kitchen tonight like I do every night and realized, hey, some other mom or wife or girlfriend will be standing here soon! Wow!! That's when the floodgates opened. Wes walked in and took one look and turned around( smart move)! He returned and I explained what and how I was feeling! Of course he understands, he has put much more time and effort into this place than I have but all the same WE made this house a home!! I then had to picture myself in a brand new kitchen with granite counters, stainless steel appliances and all the fix ins, I got over it!

I'm also chalking this all up to my uncontrollable hormones! I finally OVULATED!!!! Wahoooooo! So now were in the dreaded 2 week waiting game. I am feeling quite confident about things and hope this is our month!!! I go for blood work on Thursday so we will know 100% if I ovulated, I sure I have due to my temp rise and other secondary signs. I know we hit all the right days too, it's just up to God!

Thanks for listening to my rant. It's just a miss mash of thoughts and emotions.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Am I in Labor???

This clomid is wrecking havoc on my uterus!!!! The cramping started Tuesday morning and has progressivly gotten worse. I'm talking labor intense pains, doubled over pains,nausea causing pains! I called the nurse line on Tuesday and they said it's pretty common to have intense cramping on clomid. Ok, so I continued my week in pain taking aleve every 4 hours. Friday night was the worst. I could barely walk, I could feel my ovaries throbbing! I took a hydrocodone I had left over from a previous injury and drifted off into lala land! This morning my temp rose and my cramping has subsided. I am praying to God that I ovulated and that all that pain was worth it! I still am achy so I went ahead and called the "on call" Dr. They called back and I explained my symptoms and he said that my ovaries are filled with cysts(due to the pcos) and that the clomid is causing them to rupture. Wow, no wonder I've been in pain! I have land mines exploding on my already swollen ovaries! He called me in a rx for Darvaset(sp) and hopefully since the cramping has gone down I won't need it. I have a feeling I od yesterday and that's why I'm feeling better, but until I see that sustained temp I m not holding my breath. Please pray that this is working! I will be beyond devastated if I went through all this agony for another anovulatory cycle. I have my progesterone levels checked next Thursday. Please, please work this month! Please.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Madness

Welp, we are officially on the Market!!!! Wea and I have been going full steam for the past week, talk about tired... We had the carpets steam cleaned, a stager come and advise us on furniture placement and also did some last minute touch ups. We are looking forward to starting the whole process, well minus the "get out of the house in 30 min rule"! So much going on and Its all a little overwhelming. Good news is that Wes was so persistant in calling the Sony company that we got a brand new 52 in Tv. Thank God! We had our basement re-carpeted and all our "major" issues are turning around! Hopefully the most imoportant one... A Baby, will be next! i can almost guarentee with all the craziness right now that it will happen!! ha!

I am currently on cd10 and waiting paitently for ovulation. I finished my clomid 3 days ago and had no side effects!! Hopefully that dosnt mean its not working! I will hopefully ovulate within the next few days!!! If not, we will try one more month and then give ourselves a break! I will update more later this week!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Green light go

Just a quick update on my cycle.

I got af on Friday feb 26th after 9 days of Provera(took longer than past months). I began my 100mg of clomid on Sunday and will continue till Thursday. My clomid calculator says I should ovulate 5-7 days after my last pill. So next Tuesday. Wes better be resting up ;)
I need to call Dr.Cooper and see if she wants me back for a progesterone ck on cd 21. I am praying it works this month. This is my last chance for a 2010 baby.

That's it for now, just wanted to bring everyone up to speed!