Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Elise is my first born. She graced us with her presence during a huge snowstorm on December 7th, 2005. My lil peanut weighed in at a whopping 5 lbs8oz, so tiny. She was beautiful,a true gerber baby. The first few months were hard, she had awful colic and really gave us a run for our money. Once she hit about 4-5 months, i knew she was a keeper. haha. She is always so eager to help, constantly following I or Wes around and lending us her small little hand. I see myself in her each and everyday. From the way she bites her nails, to the fact that she hasn't taken a nap since age 2. So it was no surprise today that she would do fine as she walked through the doors of her new school. Wes, Ava, Kellan and I all walked her into her class, took some pictures, said our goodbye's. She sat right down and started drawing. Not even an ounce of sadness across her face. It took every fiber in my body to hold back the tears and swallow that lump in my throat. My baby girl is starting her school life. For the next 8+ years she will be attending school. It's amazing how these things can creep up on you. Happy first school day Elise. I know you will do great and make me so very proud, you always do!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I can't believe the summer is almost over! At this point I am more than happy it's coming to an end. The heat has been extreme, and the kids are restless. The house still has not sold and day by day I am getting more and more discouraged. We went ahead and reduced by 5k and still have yet to have any bites. We have had a few 2nd showings which is a good sign, but they all have fizzled. I am just ready for a fresh start. I have been feeling overwhelmed with all this and just want to know that it is worth it.

Kellan is doing awesome. We had his 4mo appt this past week and to my utter surprise he only weighed 14lbs13oz. 50%!! I was thinking he was much much more. ha! He was also 50% in height and head. My baby boy is 100% average and absolutely perfect!!! He also rolled. He flipped from his back to stomach, it took him a few days to muster up the strength to do it again, but now he can't be laid on his back because he automatically flips to his tummy. This is a problem since the child can't stand tummy time. He is constantly screeching and whimpering, and I know exactly why. Silly boy.

My iPhone broke. I literally feel like my right arm has been chopped off at the elbow. It went to charge one night and never came back on. I had the old 3Gs and am now waiting for the 5G which is rumoured to be out in September. Luckily my dear friend John sold me his old 3G to tied me over until I can get the new one. I bought a $20 "GO" phone and that lasted all of 18 hours before i called John. I couldn't handle not having Internet, touch screen, FACEBOOK!! Wow, I am a spoiled brat. So this post will have no pic's since I am unable to upload pic's still.

Elise starts Kindergarten in just 2 weeks!! This is so bittersweet. I can't believe she is old enough for school. I feel like these past 5.5 years are all a blur. At the same time I am ready for her to go. She is quite the handful and with her constant energy she wears us all out. We are taking advantage of Missouri's tax free weekend and purchasing all her school supplies and clothing during it. Why does Kansas not have this???

Anyways, these are the happenings going on right now. Hopefully the house will move, we will move, and I can relax. Who am I kidding...