Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making a list and checkin it twice...

Wow, can you belive it? Only 3 more days until Christmas! I know I'm repeating myself when I say this, but this year is just flying by! The girls have been out of school since last week and we are filling our time wisely! So much too do,so little time!

My parents are set to arrive Christmas day around 1pm. For those that don't know, Kansas is one of the most unpredictable states when it comes to weather! As of today, we are awaiting round 1/2 storms! The first will bring heavy rains with possible thunderstorms. Yes, I said thunderstorms! Part deux, will included a major "winter storm"! Snow!!! As I am the first one to jump up and down for snow, I am apprehensive to it since my parents will be set to arrive in it's midst! We will go with the flow!

Wes and I have completed all our shopping! I must say, our girls don't realize just how good they have it! Just when you think the house can't house one more toy, you buy three! I have been so busy orchestrating menus and activities for the upcoming week! I have planned a nice quiet evening on Christmas eve with just the four of us! We are going to try out the "family service" at Elise and Ava's school! After we will be dining on my spinach and roasted red pepper lasagne with homemade sauce(per request from wes) and salad and bread!
We then will be up till the wee hours of the night trying to put together all the "must assemble" toys we bought! Christmas morning we will be off to the inlaws by 11am to open presents and eat lunch! Then, weather permitting off to the airport to pick up the Kane grandparents!! I have planned a feast for Christmas dinner and really need to get my lists in order! What a crazy couple of days we have ahead!

Please pray for safe travels as my parents embark on their long journey! Also pray that the family all gets along during Christmas! I can't wait to update with pictures of christmas morning!! Until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What a blessed holiday season so far!

My Sil called tonight with news of a surprise BFP!! I am so happy for the whole Ringle family!! The new baby is predicted to arrive in early August! Baby Natalie and new baby will only be 18 months apart!! Sounds like Elise and Ava!! Hard work but totally worth it! As I heard the news I of course was filled with many emotions. I couldn't be happier for them and wish them all health and happiness inthe following months to
come! I struggled with wanting to share out struggles and before I knew it I blurted it out! I explained how we have been trying for what seems like an eternity to no avail! Like the gracious and kind hearted woman she is, Nancy apologized for her news! That wasn't my intention at all, and I hope (Nancy) if
you read this you know just how happy I truly am!!!! Our struggles are out of are hands and rest in that of our God. He will provide me with a child when he sees fit and we are accepting of that! I do however hope that we can be preggo together and share our gripes,concerns and joys with each other!!!

In other news, the Dr office called back and said they have no
explanation for my breakthrough bleeding! The nurse was so
kind and actually listened to what I had to
I explained that I am beyond frustrated with not ovulating and having to
use synthetic drugs to produce a period. She said that if nothing happens by January to set up an apt and talk fertility treatments! This scares me too death but gives me a Ray of hope! I will continue to
temp this month and take my provera as needed. I am going to research the
drug Clomid Which is most likely what will be Rx to me. I really didn't want any medication to aid in conception but at this
point I am just flat out frustrated.

Please pray that I can have a calm heart and easy mind! I know that God has all his
plans laid out already, and I just pray that we will be blessed with his presence soon!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the Season

I hope everyone is getting into the Holiday spirit! I'm happy to say I have all my gifts bought and just waiting to be wrapped! The girls are going to be receiving quite the load of gifts this year! This will be the first Xmas that both girls truly understand! I can't wait to see the look on their faces as they come down Xmas morning. We have been filling our time with making cookies,decorating ornaments, and watching holiday movies! The girls love all the Xmas songs that have been playing on the radio. They each have one more day of school and then are done until January! This year had just flown by! It seems like last week I was going to meet their teachers and now were headed into Xmas break! I guess when my weeks consist of counting days and waiting for signs it can totally consume you!

I have put in a call to Dr.Cooper due to a sudden onset of bleeding yesterday. It was not alot but enough to raise a red flag! I am hoping it is a sign of ovulation(since I haven't since July) I am wondering if it's a build up of follicles that finally burst! Hopefully something happens this month and we can be done with this stress! Of course the Dr was joy in the office today and they will consult with her tomorrow and get back to me! I wonder if they'll want to see me?? I will update after I talk to them tomorrow!

In other news, it has been subzero outside! I mean freezing, I wouldn't mind so much if there was snow on the ground. I miss the snow covered ground all winter, the bushes and trees sparkling like a million diamonds! It was hard to explain why the snow melts and doesn't come back, Elise asked if we could go to the pool since I Said the snow melted because it was too warm out. Bless her heart!

My Mom and Dad will be arriving Christmas day and we are all very excited! I will attempt a prime rib! That is one expensive cut of meat that I do not want to ruin! I can't wait tomspend the week with them! I always enjoy their
company and hate when they leave! I wish my sister Jess was coming but due to
personal reasons and school she will remain back east! Pray for her heart to heal so she will not miss another family get together again! Also if you could pray for my dear sweet grandfather! He is in complete heart and renal failure and is now refusing to eat! We are all walking on pins and needles as the sound of the phone sends us into panic! I hope
god will ease his pain and he can enjoy the time here he had left!

Sending you and your family's much peace and love during this holiday season!!
~ Christina

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday madness

The wonderful Holiday season is upon us! We celebrated thanksgiving at my inlaws. The food was great and it made me miss my family back east all the more!

Elise celebrated her 4th birthday yesterday!! Wes, I and the girls headed out to the Legends and ate at TRex cafe! It is comparable to the Rainforest Cafe! Both girls were in awe of the giant moving dinosaurs and all the sounds and lights that surrounded us as we ate! You deffinitly pay for attmosphere! Elise had a great day!! We had her party over the weekend, she sure walked away with some pretty cool things! I felt very nestalgic last night as I reminiscised of the day she was born! I sat and replayed all the evnts and emotions I had, made me sad to think it has already been 4 years! I wish we could freeze time and let them enjoy their youth before they grow up!

We are still struggling with my whacky cycles. I once again had to take Provera to being AF, so therfore I know I have not ovulated! This is very discouraging to me but I am trying not to stress out about it. I did some research online about "natural" ways to induce ovulation. I found many sites for an herb called Soy Isoflavones, it is an Estrogen based plant thar increases natural estrogen during af to stimulate follical release! I took them cd3-cd7 and am hoping it works! I chose not to use opks this month but to continue to temp! I was so obsessed with the opks that I used them all up within a few weeks! Hopefully with the pending crazyness of gift giving and cookie baking I will forget about this struggle and relax!