Monday, June 20, 2011

Selling the house, take 2.

We are listing again. Last year was a complete failure. Although I am not looking forward to all the stress that goes along with buying/selling I am so ready to get out of here. We have met with 3 relator's from 3 different companies, they all presented their information and we finally came to an agreed conclusion on who to use. I am very excited about our choice and am confident that we will get this house moved in a timely manner. If not, I may go insane. I have been "practicing" keeping a spotless house,FYI:IMPOSSIBLE with 3 children. I know it is going to be a huge struggle getting out of here when we have a showing and leaving the house in show quality, but I have to do it. We are going to price the house very aggressively so that it will hopefully sell fast. We already know where we want to move to and basically exactly the style houses we like. The buying part won't be an issue, well, maybe...I'm quite picky and refuse to settle. These next 2 weeks are going o be filled with deep cleaning, caulking, painting, moving furniture, deck staining...the fun stuff! Please pray for my sanity and patience as we go down this path, yet once again!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The heat is on

Well, it's here! Summer has begun, the temps at least say so! So what do we do in the summer...we swim!! Last summer the girls and I must have spent 90% of our time at the community pool down the street. They are little fishes and you literally would have to drag them away. This year we have baby Kellan so things are a bit different. I debated over getting a pool pass for a number of reasons...1. The pool down the street closed(construction), and 2. The baby can't be out in the sun or heat for too long. My solution was to enroll the girls in early morning swim lessons. These began this week and start at 10:30 and end at 11:30. Elise is in the beginner 1 class and Ava in the Intro to swim class. Ava however is by far a better swimmer than Elise but due to age restrictions she had to go in the class under. After our first very successful swim lesson I realized how much they would miss out if we didn't swim this summer. Off to the Community Center we went. Armed now with our pool passes we have been enjoying an hour or two every other day at the pool. Kellan hangs out in the shade and basically sleeps the entire time we are there. Have I told you how amazing he is:-)??? Along with the hot weather comes the hair cut. Every Summer when the heat turns up, off comes my hair. I decided to chop it all off and go super blonde. I LOVE it, and it is a total "pick me up"! The girls are both already the tannest kids at the pool and Elise's hair is turning white! I just love summer!!!

After a long day at the pool

My new Do


The pool rats


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brusha - Brusha

El and the xray

Ava waiting her turn

Well we went for our very first dental visit yesterday! I have to admit, I really thought it would be a nightmare. I know i always hated going to the dentist,still do. I decided on a "kid friendly" dental office. The website showed the awesome waiting room with video games, fish tanks, movies, how could I pass that up. We arrived about 15 min early and I was pleasantly impressed with the waiting room. There were so many different things to choose from to keep them occupied. they even had a coffee bar for the parents!! We quickly got called back and Elise was asked to go first. She is normally a great patient and she didn't disappoint. they started with x-rays, which she breezed through. Ava was next in line for hers and did equally as well. The hygienist was very impressed. We then went into an open area with 3 dental chairs all of which had flat screen TVs overhead. Tangled was the movie of the day. Ava decided to go first for her cleaning and she was so excited to get cherry flavored toothpaste. She laid there motionless until every tooth was sparkly clean. El then hopped up and sailed through it. We then waited for the Dentist to come and check their teeth. They were both deemed perfect. The xrays showed El's adult teeth starting to creep up, so she said by her next apt we should have some wiggles!!! When we were finished, they gave them each a care bag, ice cream, a toy and a report card. Yes, I said ice cream! so proud of my girls and I just love how places now cater to the little ones and make what can be an unpleasent experience fun.

Have to show Elise's crazy curly hair! It's beautiful!