Monday, January 31, 2011


I figured after writing my last post I would be home within an hour to update. 3 days in the hospital and basically an episode of "Mystery Diagnosis" later, here I am.

I went and saw Dr. Cooper and she of course was very concerned. She pressed on my belly and the searing pain was so intense she immedietatly assumed I had appendicitis. Off the the hospital i went. They got me right in and hooked up to the baby monitors. They quickly drew a bunch of vials of blood for labwork, and had me lay in the fetal position everytime the pain would come on. The labwork came back nbegative for the appendix test, and praise the Lord because they were talking surgery. So they kept me overnight and got me up bright an early for an ultrasound of my organs. My Gallbladder was the next organ to be interogated. Just the pressure from the ultrasound wand sent me into hysterics. My gallbladder looked normal as did the other organs that she could see. I had such a build up of gas that it was hard for them to see much. I was brought back to the room, given GasX, Nexium, a lovely suppository and a huge freaking headache. My Dr. came and said that they are leaning towards an ulcer. I had one back in 2001 after my parents moved so I thought i would have been able to remember the symptoms. Well, I guess I forgot that things shift and change position while pregnant. With my last ulcer the pain would travel up from my stomach and roll like a ball till it hit under my ribs. Well with my stomach being in my ribs, the pain was just dispurste to wherever it could find. I have since been on a acid reducer, a very bland diet, and tons of water. After the 2nd day of the pills I already noticed a huge differnence. I could bend over, I could sleep at night, I was beginning to feel normal again. Wes had to take off of work to help me with the girls and to take care of me. What a scary thing to go through while pregnant. I was starting to think I had stomach cancer or some horrible uterine infection. I am just praying that this will be my very last visit to the hospital before I actually go into labor. We'll see...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What a pain

I should have known that my "uneventful" pregnancy would take a turn. Don't they always? Monday night I started feeling this weird burning pain on the top half of my belly. I wrote it off as eating late and possible intigestion and went to bed. I was up all night long, tossing and turning. It hurt to sleep on either side and I obviously can't sleep on my stomach or my back. So Tuesday I figured I would try to take some Miralax and see if it was a "back up" issue, well that wasnt the problem. I took some GasX, nope, not the problem. My stomach was hurting more and more. It especially hurts while standing or sitting straight up. I put a call into my Dr's office yesterday...on her day off, of course. The "on call" Dr told me to take a previcid and some mylanta and see if that works. Well, i had neither in the house, Wes was in Springfield on buisness, and the girls were sleeping. I waited till about 7pm thinking I would somehow outgrow the pain and I broke down and asked Wes to come home. I am a bit nervous since this isn't going away. i have an appt today to see my ob, but i have a feeling they will assume it's gas or constipation. I know this is not normal. It shouldnt hurt to walk or stand. I should have this sharp burning pain at all. I am praying for some sort of relief. I was just in the hospital for cramping/contractions. They are going to think I am a hypochondriac. I know Wes's parents feel that I am constantly having issues. i hate hate worrying about what other people think, but it's hard when youv'e been told that pregnancy dosnt "agree" with you or "thank God this is your last"... i know my body, and I deffinitly know what is not normal, and this is one of those things. Ill update once I get an answer.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Life gets in the way

It has been almost 2 months since my last entry. We have been so overwhelmed with life and all thats going on that I have basically put most things on the backburner. We were in New York for almost 2 weeks and that was such a nice relaxing vacation. The girls had so much fun in the snow and being able to play and see G-ma Chele and PePaw. Makes me miss my family that much more. While visiting I somehow came down with a wicked cold, well that was 3.5 weeks ago and I am still suffering with no end in sight. I was on a zpak, mucinex, sudafed, robitussin, vicks, tylenol cold, and now amoxicillin. We are hoping that the amoxicillin will do something and end this misery. I have also foun d such relief in Afrin nasal spray. Only proble is that you cannot use it for more than 3 days. WHAT??? This cold has lasted almost a month and I finally find something that allows me to breathe and you say I can't take it anymore. Damn!! It literally takes me from complete congestion, not being able to talk or catch my breathe to pure nasal heaven. I will have to investigate further as to why it only has a 3 day limit. In Baby news, I am currently 29.5 weeks and into my 3rd trimester. With only 10 or less weeks to go, we still have a great deal of stuff to buy and to get done. I was unfortunatly hospitalized last night due to major cramping and lower backpain. We could figure out what was the cause but I have been cram free all day, and now have an arsenal of meds on hand to ward off any upcoming pre term labor issues. We have yet to tell family of our name choice for our little boy, and I think it will probably be held off until he is born. Less stress that way. My Birthday is next week and my sister is flying in to spend the week with me. Wes will be in Vegas for work, so it will be nice to have someone here to help me with the girls and just keep me company. We will conclude the BdaY week with a dinner at RA ( my favorite sushi resturant) and all my closest friends will be joining! That is basically my last 2 months in a nutshell. I will make more of an effort to update!!