Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sweet Baby Boy

That's right, after two beautiful daughter we are thrilled to announce we are having a BOY!!!!

From day one I knew I was carrying a boy. I was right with both girls, I mean how could I be wrong?? haha. Most people we know thought boy as well. Im not sure if it was wishful thinking or intuition but almost everyone was right. We got to the appointment right on time and of course had to wait, I with an overfilled bladder. That part is never fun. We got called back by one of the sonographers(never had this one before). We got in the room and lights went off and away we were. We started with the head and worked our way down. I could tell Wes was getting antsy, but I would rather make sure of a healthy baby first and then find our the gender last, Wes... not so much. He would rather eat dessert before dinner. She was somewhere on his stomach when boom, she moved the wand quickly and said, "IT'S A BOY"!!!!! What? I wasnt ready, we were looking at his tummy, haha. So then she let us see the "goods". Wes was shocked, but I knew, so just enjoyed the moment. A trillion thoughts crossed through my head and at that point the rest of the scan was a blur. Good thing we got the important stuff out of the way first.

Baby Boy is measuring at 20wks 3 days, so slightly behind 21 weeks.Weight is 14 oz. Dr said thats ok. I finally gained weight, a whopping 3 pounds! haha, Dr said thats ok too!! We have been cleared for travel and now I can sit back and enjoy the upcoming Holidays!! We are soooooo BLESSED!!! Our family is complete!!

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