Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back 2 School 2012

Well, it's crept up on us again. Summer just seems to get shorter and shorter every year. This year however I greeted it with open arms. The girls were ready to go back and I was just as eager to let them:)
We started off with quite a snag in Ava's kindergarten class. She had originally been signed up for 1/2 days and the day of "meet the teacher" I received a call saying they had to add an extra class due to the overflow of students and that Ava was now without a teacher(they were in talks of hiring one at the moment). I was beyond upset. How can they just spring that on us like that? So we went up to the school anyways and met the principal. He then informed us that she would be in a room in the basement of the school on the complete opposite side from the other kindergartners. This really fired me up. So A. She has no teacher at the moment. And B. your going to stick them in the basement of the school where they will miss all the other kindergartners and the designated kindergarten hallway. We were not happy. We came home and decided to enroll her in full day class. We had Elise go 1/2 day and due to the fact it's $300/month we were hesitant. The school left us no option. I want Ava to have the same great experience Elise did. So now Ava's class is actually right next door to her big sis El!! I couldn't be happier, except the fact that we are now dealing with a "mean" teacher. It's been 3 days so before I investigate further I'll give it a few more days. Stay tuned...
Elise walked into her class like she's been going to school all her life. She talked right away with a few other students and proceeded to introduce herself to some she didn't know. I'm glad she is so outgoing! I am looking forward to this school year and all the fun activities we will be involved in!!

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