Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New Year???

The new year started off with a BANG!... and not in a good way! Late one night Wes and I were laying in bed, when I heard a huge bang. I immediately thought it was someone in the house(thank you vivid imagination). Wes rolled out of bed and searched high and low. No burglars and no sign of what caused the bang! We chalked it up to the cats messing around and went back to bed.
The following day I was going to the bathroom when I heard the sound of running water. I didn't really think much of it and went about my day. About 2 hours later, I returned to the bathroom and could still hear the rush of water. I ran into our master bathroom to check and see if the toilet was running...nope! Think Christina, think! That's when the light bulb went on! BASEMENT! I ran down the 2 flights of stairs, flung open the door and was greeted by water all the way up to the bottom stair of the basement! Disbelief,anger, and anxiety ran over me like a freight train! I ran through the 3 inches of water to rescue the brand new wooden kitchen set we got, I mean Santa got the girls for Christmas. I moved that to dry land and then proceeded to crawl in the storage unit and disable the water. Wes was called somewhere in between and was on his way home.

After we assessed the situation, Wes retreated outside to try to fix the busted pipe. He spent over 3 hours working on it. I forgot to mention, the reason the pipe broke was due to sub zero weather that brought wind chills of -30 degrees and lasted for a whole week! We then spent the evening shopvaccing and dumping buckets of water! The pipe was fixed and fans were drying out the carpet.

Flash forward 1 week.

I was starting a load of laundry and noticed the water pressure was about 50%! Didn't even wait for the lightbulb this time.

Sadly, I knew!

I immediately opened the basement door and was greeted by... Wait for it...wait for it...more water! Seriously??? The pipe re-burst!! I yelled to Wes who was home(Sunday) and he just shook his head! We then called our insurance co, and called a plumber! The plumber came out and capped off the pipe and said he would return the following day. The insurance co came out the next day and assessed the damage. They quoted us at around $5,000 for all the damage and estimated repairs! We contacted a company that would clean up all the water and make sure the walls were dry. Wes and I ripped out all of the carpet on our own, backbreaking does not begin to cover it! So now we are just drying out the walls and waiting to re-carpet!

Later that night...!

So due to all of the ice build up on the roof our kitchen ceiling began to leak! When it rains it pours, or should I say, when it snows it leaks?!? We put pots under the leaks and cleaned te snow from the roof. There is nothing we can do about the ceiling until we thaw out! I lts just one thing after another, and all within a week!

I want my fully functioning house back. I want to be able to send the
girls to play in the basement, I want to boil pasta in my pots not catch brown leaky roof water! I can't wait
to sell this crap hole and move! Once that carpet gets installed the sign is going in the yard! DONE!!

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