Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Plan of Action

Today I had my much awaited for Dr.apt! Sono first followed by seeing Dr.Cooper! I am first off so relieved that my Dr. cares about me and took my concerns seriously. I called last week due to mid-cycle spotting. The nurse said she would talk to Dr.Cooper and get back with me. I was expecting her to have me come in for blood work but instead she set me up for a sono and apt! I got called back fairly quickly and we began the sono. The tech checked everything, she focused in on my right ovary and took many pictures, that's when I knew it was definite...PCOS! She said it is an average presentation and that with the right meds I will be fine. I was told to head back into the waiting room until the Dr was ready to see me.

I got called back after waiting for quite a while,just enough time to count 7 pregnant women pass through! I was led to an exam room and told to take a seat and wait. Just so happened that room was where I had originally found out I was pg with Ava. Ahhh, memories! I heard the familiar sound of a Doppler in the room next door and with every ounce of composure I cracked a smile. I shouldn't be envious or bitter towards pregnant women, for it is a miracle to carry a child and that point had been CLEARLY made throughout my ordeal.

Dr.Cooper gently knocked on the door and sat down next to me! She explained the findings if my sono and said we have some options.

A. We could continue to take the Provera monthly and hope I ovulate on my own
B. We could start Clomid

After going over the statistics and pros/cons of fertility drugs, I went for plan B!! I am soooo ready for this and I can't fathom the thought of going another 6 months without success! We came up with a "plan of action" and she wrote everything down For my reference! With Clomid the chance for multiples(twins) is up from 1%to 8%, which isn't that much(no watch me be the 8%)!


1/6/2010-begin 10mg Provera
once af begins count cycle day 1.
CD3-7 I will take 50mg Clomid
CD13-20 take opks
CD21-full panel blood work up, progesterone levels checked for ovulation.
CD35-hcg test for pregnancy!!!!
If neg we will continue the cycle but up the Clomid to 100mg.

Sounds like a crazy,crazy mess of numbers and meds but I have done my homework and due to my previous charting I am use to counting cycle days and taking ovulation predictors! I will also continue to temp and somewhere in there find time to have sex!LOL!!! If all goes like planned I should be pregnant within the next few months!!

We appreciate every ones thoughts and prayers and hope that our dreams of expansion will
happen soon! I will update throughout the months!

Love to all!!!

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  1. Christina I just joined your blog. :) I think we are going to the same doctor's office? Is Dr. Cooper with the Johnson County OBGYN practice on 75th and Frontage road? I see Doctor Lynch but Doctor Cooper is my back up for when he's out. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers while you and your family plan for baby #3. Good luck!