Monday, February 15, 2010

Blood work and randomness

Quick update! My last post was dedicated to the life and loss of my Geandfather, I didn't want to interject ramblings of clomid, opks, and TTC stuff so here's what I left out!

I took my last 50mg clomid pill January 23( the day G-pa passed & my b-day) I fell off the wagon with temping while in PA, so when I returned I wasn't sure If I had missed ovulation it not. I had a full blood work up schedualed for cd21 which was feb 5th. They checked everything from cholesterol to my thyroid. I waited paitently for my results all the while analyzing every symptom I "thought" I had. Dr. Cooper called with the news that I did NOT ovulate!!!! Devastated was an understatement!!!! My testosterone levels were elevated which is classic in Pcos so no surpise there. My Dr said she is bumping up my dosage to 100mg and to start provera(af inducer) this week! I really hope this works I don't think I'm going to last much longer. I am emotionally drained from this! Everyone says "relax, it will happen"! Too bad it won't with Pcos!!! I can't relax! I have to temp, take ovulation tests, monitor my Cervical fluid(TMI) and count my cycle days! Relax? Right! Throw in the fact that are house is going on the market in a few weeks, I'm all set! I can't wait to move! Maybe that will be a "refresher" in all this stress! I can't wait to find my dream house! I know exactly what I want and for once, Wes and I are on the same exact page!!

Sorry this turned Into a miss mash of info but I have alot running through my head. I'm glad to get it out and relieve some of that pressure!

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