Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Money Pit

I'm not joking when I write this, my house is falling apart before our eyes! I am so freaking frustrated right now I had to post about it! First let me start by saying I love my house, nix that, I LOVED my house! This was our "first place", our "nest" us becoming adults! Wes and I bought this house the spring after we got married. We had put an offer in on a very similiar house a few blocks away but were confronted with a biding war-no thanks. We kept searching until we found this one. We toured it and let me tell ya, it was rough! All walnut trim,panel walls,doors, shag carpet, yellow tile,wall paper, you get the drift. We saw the potential and got the house. Since then we have put our hearts and souls into renovating each and every room. We have turned this beast into a beauty! We welcomed both our darling girls home in this house, we've had numorous Holiday celebrations, birthdays, and poker nights. With wanting to add to our family we feel it best to "move on up", this has actually been a thought of ours for the past 2 years. It's big house easily capable of housing a family of 5 but Wes and I want to be comfortable an not have to worry about moving once the kids get older. Plus this school system SUCKS!!

Onto the Drama. It all started in early January when our pipes burst and ruined our basement. Refer to blog post " Happy new Year???". We have been through the gamet with our insurance co, our mortgage co,plumbers, adjusters, clean up crews and eachother. The basement is trashed and down to the subfloor. We removed all the carpet and are just waiting for our mortgage co to sigh and release our insurance checks!

Our kitchen sink has been acting up for the past year an we have felt with it the best we could.

No peels, no rice, egg shells, nothing allowed down the disposal. Everytime we would grind shit up the other side of the sink would fill with the nasty remnent water.

do not run the water longer than 30 seconds.

don't forget to follow rules 1&2!!! Ooops!

Well yesterday I began to notice that when I unloaded our dishwasher and noticed water accumlitation in the bottom of the unti. Great! The sink has gotten so bad that if you run the water longer than 5 seconds it fills and dosnt drain for hours! We had to actually shopvac the water out, iiick. So today it became so backed up with water that the dishwasher began to leak! I'm mean what are we waiting for?? Are the night elves going to come and fix it? This is no way to live!

The washing machine is sounding funky and our thermostat went wacky and turned our programmer heat all the way down to 62! I felt Like the biggest idiot trying to figure out why it was so cold in the house all day! And here's the piece of resistance, our beloved 56" Sony LCD tv has a defective screen! We are 2 months past our warranty and they won't budge! It would cost us $2,100 to replace the screen, we purchased the whole thing for $2,900!!!! We have been working on getting Sony to honor their products and meet us somewhere in the middle. So our lives so far this year have sucked! We are stressed, tired, and frustrated. I want out of this house, a new baby, and a sense of NORMAL!! We have our relator coming over next Thurs to help stage the house, hopefully we can fix 2/4 issues by then. Fingers crossed this is just a bad first few months! My family is healthy, my girls are amazing and my husband is my rock. I just need to focus on the good. I can't wait to come back to this blog and actually post about something positive. Until then...

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