Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy, busy, BUSY!

At this rate summer is going to zip right by us! It's already the end of June! So much going on, we have trips and birthdays, reunions, showers, weddings, parties, the list is endless! I finally joined a gym and quickly have become a gym rat! I love working out and better yet, the girls love the daycare center!! We go to the pool every afternoon and my girls are the brownest, blondest babes on the planet!! We are lovin life right now!! We have to start planning miss Ava's birthday party, I want to have it done before we head out to NY! We are
going to the annual Lenexa BBQ this weekend!! Always a good time. It's so fun running into old highschool friends and catching up! 4th of July we are spending with my girlfriend Candace. She lives on an awesome farm and we plan on camping and bonfires and fireworks, I can't wait!!! After the fourth is ava's bday, and the next week is NY! So much going on, but all of it is making this summer one to remember! I am also taking advantage in hoping that this will be the last summer without a new baby. Hopefully by this time next year we can have a new addition! But I have really put all my faith and trust into god to present us with that gift when he sees fit!! I am updating from my phone and of course it's about to die, so until next time... Enjoy your summer!! Xoxoxoxox

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