Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer luvin

Ahhh, Summer!!
BBQ's,fireflies,pool,late nights!! We had a rather rough winter and I believe it is making me appretiate this beautiful weather more than normal. Our summer schedual is simple, do housework before noon, eat lunch and then off to the pool! Not a bad life, huh?? The girls seems so grown up, they do so well at the pool and Elise has even mastered swimming under water! I love watching them splash and play in the blue water. I still can't help to think that I should be pregnant right now sitting by the pool. I have done a pretty good job of making peace with the whole experience but it still REALLY hurts! I do think that everything happened at the right time. I'm glad it's not winter and I'm locked up inside for months, I'm glad the sun has been shining, I'm glad I can watch my girls play and smile. We are continuing to try for a baby but not putting so much pressure on ourselves. I want to enjoy this time, who knows where we'll be this time next year! New house? New baby? Who knows, I do however know what we have now and I'm going to cherish every part of it!! So it seems I became a little side tracked with my thoughts!! Hope everyone has a fabulous summer, and remember to cherish every moment!

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