Thursday, August 5, 2010


The days seem to be creeping by at a snails pace. Why is it that every other woman's pregnancy flies by and mine stands still.Everyday seems like a mall victory! Everyday I get closer to my goal of seeing the baby and seeing a heartbeat. I think that once I physically see that flicker I will ease up. I do have some positive things on my side: I feel pregnant! Last time I felt pregnant for a few days and then felt normal. I chalked that up to "every pregnancy is different", and "be happy your not sick"! Well this one is the total opposite! I haven't been sick but definitely feel a little woozy throughout the day. The big symptom I have is FATIGUE! It has struck with a vengeance! I have so much energy in the morning but come 3-4pm I cant get off the couch. I was soooo tired yesterday and had to pee so bad that I seriously contemplated peeing on a towel just so I didn't have to get up!! Hahahah! Don't worry, it crossed my mind, but what kind of example would I be setting for my girls! I am still going to the gym but moderating my workouts and keeping my heart rate low. its tough for someone that only feels a workout consists of total fatigue and being on the verge of puking after every workout. This is tough. I went for blood work this past Monday and got my results:


Both levels are great according to Dr. Cooper. The nurse however said she thought my Progesterone was a tad low. Thanks for the worry!! one more thing for me to stress out about. The Dr. reassured me that all my levels are right where they should be. We went ahead and scheduled my first appointment. i will go next Friday the 13th! How fitting!!! A sono, blood work and meeting with Dr. cooper are all in the agenda. I cant wait to see a heartbeat!! I will be 7 weeks, and I know you can see a flicker by then. i am still nervous, since my last experience with an ultrasound did not go well. I will update as soon as I can. I cant wait to start this journey and take you all along with me!

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