Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Where we got Married
Lake Placid NY

This is my favorite time of year, although I would much rather live on the East coast where the leaves change like a wildfire and the air is cool and crisp. Kansas will have to do! We get a good couple of weeks of color change and then you wake up one morning and all the leaves are brown. Wes and I just celebrated 7 years of marriage. We married in Lake Placid NY at the end of September so we could capture the beauty of the season! I am already prematurely enjoying my leggins and frumpy sweaters. I haven't busted out the Ugg's yet, but they are not far away!!

The girls are happily back in school. Its so nice having the school in my backyard. I usually walk them over in the morning, I enjoy the fresh air and the bit of exercise.This school is considerably smaller than our last one and i am still trying to adjust to that. The girls handled the transition just fine, its mommy that misses her friends!!

Tomorrow marks week 14 in my pregnancy. This has been a very long and miserable 14 weeks. It started with the constant fear of something going wrong with the baby, that changed into the constant nausea and fatigue. I began a prescription for an anti-nausea medication that has turned me back into a human. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to ask for some help. Wes and I are starting to talk names, should be interesting since he has a generational name, and I just cant do it. That will be a whole other post. I will wait for our big U/s before I cause a huge fight, but he has been warned. I have my reasons and they are extremely legit! Not just because of the name itself (not too keen on that either) but a whole slue of reasons that must be discussed or argued! Stay tuned for that...should make a great post!

Hope everyone enjoys the beginning of the fall season! Curl up on the couch in your leggins and fuzzy sweater, sip on some hot apple cider and feel the cool breeze pass through your window. Ahhhhhh Fall!

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