Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This has been quite the week!

I will start off by saying I have made it to 10 weeks!!! Wahooo! I knew finding out so early on would make the 1st trimester never ending. So here we are just a few weeks out from the 2nd tri! I cant believe I'm even writing that! I have been up and down with sickness. The nausea seemed to cease for 2 weeks and then has come back with a vengeance. It almost makes me depressed. I feel awful that I don't have the energy to play with my girls, let alone take them anywhere. It takes all my strength just to take a shower, forget making dinner or vacuuming. My house has quickly turned into a pit. Laundry has piled up, pantry has run dry, floors unswept. All these things that I could not let go for a day are now being put off for weeks. I know that the 2nd tri offers relief, I am holding onto the hope of that. I was able to get a sneak peak of our little bean last week, its actually looking more human like. how amazing to watch this blob turn into an actual human. The baby had tiny arms and legs and the head was perfect. I go back in 3 weeks for my 13 week scan and appt. So excited!

We celebrated 10 years of graduating from high school this weekend. We began the weekend at an informal "happy hour" at a bar and grill down the street. Many old classmates came and it was so fun to walk down memory lane. Of course I was drinking my water and was asked several times why, ha ha! So I spread the news of our pregnancy. It felt good to get it out, I have been keeping it a secret since July! We all had a great time on Friday and I knew that Saturday would be amazing too. I, along with a few other Mom's were on the planning committee! We all enjoyed being able to go out mid week for our "planning meetings". I took on the responsibility of decorations and so early Saturday Ashley and I headed down to our venue and began setting up. We had such a great time playing around. The anticipation of the night was quite overwhelming, I felt as if it was my wedding. I bought an adorable dress and the most kick ass shoes! We went out to dinner before hand with Ashley and Mike. We had a great time, i am glad I was fed and now could relax at the reunion. We arrived and already their were tons of people. All our decorations looked great and I could help but feel proud! We worked the room, checked everything out and then enjoyed ourselves till 2 am! Yup, 2 am! It was actually fun staying sober, I was able to see people go from prim and proper, to hot messes! So fun! i want to throw parties for a living, how fun would that be?? So here are a few pic's of our night! I give it a 10/10!!!!!

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