Friday, April 29, 2011

Heaven is for Real

If you are looking for an inspirational easy read book, this is it! I was given this book to read by a coworker of my husbands. Little did i know how much of an impact it would actually have on me. the book sat on my shelf for a few weeks, I would glance at it every now and then and tell myself when I found the time i would read it. Last night I was surfing for something to watch on TV and out of nowhere got the greatest urge to pick up the book. I opened to the first chapter and 4 hours later finished the entire thing. The book is about a 4 year old boy that has a near brush with death due to a ruptured appendix. This little boy later tells his father and mother of his experiences in Heaven and his meeting with Jesus. He described his journey with such detail and matter of factness that I literally had goosebumps throughout the entire book. His accounts of what Jesus looked like and was wearing was amazing. He also met his Great-Grandfather whom had died decades before his own birth. This was all so amazing to read and I was in such awe of this little boys story. I was about halfway through the book when I turned to the chapter that sent chills up my spine "two sisters". One night the little boy asked his mother about his sister. his mother assumed he meant his older sister, he quickly said " no, my sister in heaven". Little did he know that his mother had lost a baby at 8 weeks gestation, years before he was born. My heart dropped to the floor. With tears streaming down my face I read on. He continued to describe this little girl and that she told him she had died in his mommies tummy. When his mother asked what this little girls name was he said "she had no name, you guys never named her." I lost it. I laid in bed for a few hours just reliving my miscarriage and wondering what he/she would have been. I did find great comfort in the belief that our child is in heaven and surrounded by nothing but angels and our loved one's passed on. Our 1 year anniversary of our baby's passing is next week and I truly believe that God guided my hand to read this book to offer me peace. it of course still hurts my heart that we said goodbye before we said hello, but now we will have someone waiting for us when we make our journey there. Please, read this book. I already sent my mother out today to get it!

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  1. Boy am I glad I named the baby I lost almost 14 yrs ago! I would hate to think she is running around nameless. And to think, I am now pregnant with my 5th living baby =)