Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What a boy

I swear, this boy is his father's twin. Loves the boob, loves to poop and LOVES to sleep. i still haven't quite mastered the changing of the diaper. I am so afraid of his little member. the moment air hit it, watch out!! He has also become a pro at projectile pooping!! Yup!! It has hit the back of his bassinet multiple times. I either need to gain some speed or learn a new technique. Breastfeeding is going great. I swear he came out of the womb knowing just what to do. It also helps that i produce enough milk to put a dairy farmer out of business. I weighed him today and he is around 8 lbs! I am so glad he is growing, but I already miss his little chicken legs and teeny tiny head. We are waking about every 3-4 hours to nurse at night, and during the day a little longer. The girls are such good helpers, they get me diapers and wipes. They try to distract him while I change him. they of course run when he pees! It's so funny how he can be sleeping just feet from me but I start to miss him. I want to hold him constantly. I am just so in love!

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  1. Sounds about right for a boy ;) I want to think the "fountain" problem goes away pretty much when they are about a month old. At least it did for my 2 boys. I will say girls are definitely easier when diapering. Sounds like your getting some good sleep with him going 3-4 hrs through the night :) I can't wait for my lo to make an appearance this fall.