Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mr Kellan is 2 months

Kellan had his 2 month check up today. I was betting he weighed about 12 pounds and I was right! We have a chunk-a-roni on our hands. He handle the shots ok, the oral vaccine however made him choke and he couldn't catch his breath. It was very scary, his whole mouth and chin turned blue. We had to stay and do an oxygen test after that. Thankfully his numbers were perfect. We are home now, and he has basically slept all day, he only wakes to nurse. Poor baby, I hate seeing him like this. Here are his stats:

Weight 12.2 (65%)
Height 22.0 (12%)
Head 15 3/4(50%)

We have a shorty on our hands. I cursed him with that, hopefully Wes's heighth will play a part soon and he will grow big and tall.

Somethings we are doing now:
He is very vocal. Ooooh's and ahhhh's all the time.
Loves to bat at his toys on his playmat.
Absoloutly HATES tummy time.
Peed on daddy's foot, and hosed down our couch.

I can't wait to see what month 3 will bring!!

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  1. hehehe! Benjamin is the same way! Despises tummy time! He is still not batting too much at his toys, but yesterday he started giggling which was very cute! I call him my little dumpling cause he's short and fat too! :p