Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I know as a woman weight is such a personal and touchy subject. For most of my life I have maintained an active lifestyle that keeps me pretty fit and happy with my weight. After having Elise I gained about 10 extra lbs and carried that over to my pregnancy with Ava. After her birth I began working out and eating very healthy. I sustained a size 10 until I got pregnant with Kellan. I was so terribly sick with him that I lost weight in the beginning of the pregnancy and ultimately only gained a total of 7lbs. YES, I ate, I actually ate a lot! Wes kept saying, " next appt I bet you've gained 10 lbs...". This lasted the entiiire pregnancy. Once Kell was out I began breastfeeding, the weight just melted off like butter, and NO, I am in no way complaining. Since I only gained 7 lbs while pregnant I have proceeded to lose an extra 22lbs. I am so happy with my new body and have even ventured out and replaced most of my clothes. This is where it gets tricky...Since i am breastfeeding I eat like a horse. I get these crazy insatiable hunger pangs that don't leave unless I literally stuff my face like it's my last meal. We are going on 8months and I know once a year hits weaning him will be on the agenda. Im not only sad about that bond ending but also about the fear of the weight returning. I know everyone says "eat healthy" and "work out", and I will, but it's not easy with 3 kids. I also don't want to have to live my life constantly monitoring my caloric intake and exercise routines. This just kinda sucks. Wow Im whiny. I've had to battle baby weight after my other pregnancies and lost the weight the good ole fashioned way, but even with a 5 day gym work out routine I never got down to where I am at. Im just nervous that the moment I quit it will all come back.

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  1. The never ending battle of losing weight! I fight the fight every day!
    You got this!!!!!