Monday, May 14, 2012


I just realized I haven't updated or written in almost 8 months! I must be busy:) things have been great! The girls are chugging to the end of yet another school year and have both done exceptional in school. I can't believe that next year I'll have 2 kiddos in elementary school! Kellan is ever changing and making his mark on this family. He captures everyone's heart with the bat of an eye. He turned one in march and everyday since has been surprising me with his wit, charm and love for exploration. He is very busy, into everything. The girls were retry active but he is by far the busiest. I'm wondering if it's a "boy" thing?! The end of march also marked a very sad time for our family. We had to say good bye to our beloved Ozzy. He was 10 and barreling stage 4 kidney disease. Watching him suffer on a day to day basis really took its toll on me emotionally and finally Wes and I together had to make the horrible decision. I know in the end we gave him the greatest gift and that was eternal happiness and a life without pain. It certainly doesn't make me miss him any less. I really never realized what a integral part of this family he was until he was gone. Gracie his counterpart has been in a funk and his departure has changed her as well. It's sad to see her look for him every time the front door opens:(
We have been steadily making more improvements to the house. Flowers are planted, garden is growing. We are also getting ready to do a complete kitchen makeover. Lots going on. This summer is already filling up with swim lessons, camps, vbs, bbqs and visits from the grandparents! I look forward to a nice packed break with the kids! Leaving y'all with a few pics!

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