Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things that go "bump" in the night

We had a great Halloween this year! The girls were so into it and I am glad that they have finally reached an age that they know whats going on! Grandma Chele bought the girls the most adorable costume's, Elise was a Bumble bee( or as she refers to it: Buzzy Bee) and Ava was a monarch butterfly! We started the night off at Wes's Grandmothers house, the girls went door to door and began to accumulate a fair amount of candy. We left there after about an hour and headed back home. We decided to unload that bag of candy and start fresh on our block. We went down the street and made a giant loop. Needless to say, we will have candy until Easter!!! Wes and I have had a great time going through and picking out what we want! Ahhh, to be a kid again!

After our sugar rushed Saturday we layed low Sunday and played outside and relaxed! Monday things got a little ugly!

I decided I would begin to work out on my elliptical again, so I bucked up and worked out for about 45 minutes. I was one hot sweaty mess! I came up stairs and sat on the edge of the couch and began to take off my shoes. Just as I was untying my second, Ava comes barreling by me and tripped and did a full dive into the coffee table! At first I assumed it was the typical bump on the head and a kiss would make everything better, well as soon as she lifted her head I knew that wasn't the case! I swooped her up and just as I did a giant cut began to separate and bleed! I ran her into the kitchen and got a towel to stop the bleeding, it wasn't gushing but enough to make my knees shake! I called Wes and told him to hurry home and that we would need to go to the ER. My good friend Summer lives down the street so I called her and she was at my house in less than 3 minutes(not going to tell how fast she was going!) She quickly took over so I could call the Dr. They told me to go to Children's Mercy because more than likely she would need stitches. Ava remained calm and was such a trooper. Elise was so helpful and got water for Ava and towels. Wes got home and we packed up the girls and headed to the hospital. Once we arrived they did triage and guided us to a room. The nurse came in and said she would either need stitches or Dermabond to keep the cut closed up. They applied a topical anesthetic( no needles involved, Yahoo!) and let it sit for about 30 minutes. after about an hour of waiting the Dr came in and looked at it, he went over the pros and cons of stitches vs. dermabond. We decided to go with the glue! They wrapped her up and irrigated the cut, then applied this glue, it seriously looked like a glue stick. They said within 5-7 days the glue would fall off and she should be fine! I am so proud of her for being such a trooper, never cried once at the hospital. We came home and babied her and now its as if it never happened! She still has a deep looking cut but its healing and she also has a giant black and blue bump. I have one strong little girl!!! Hopefully it does not leave a huge scar, but if it does we will sure have a great story!

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