Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday madness

The wonderful Holiday season is upon us! We celebrated thanksgiving at my inlaws. The food was great and it made me miss my family back east all the more!

Elise celebrated her 4th birthday yesterday!! Wes, I and the girls headed out to the Legends and ate at TRex cafe! It is comparable to the Rainforest Cafe! Both girls were in awe of the giant moving dinosaurs and all the sounds and lights that surrounded us as we ate! You deffinitly pay for attmosphere! Elise had a great day!! We had her party over the weekend, she sure walked away with some pretty cool things! I felt very nestalgic last night as I reminiscised of the day she was born! I sat and replayed all the evnts and emotions I had, made me sad to think it has already been 4 years! I wish we could freeze time and let them enjoy their youth before they grow up!

We are still struggling with my whacky cycles. I once again had to take Provera to being AF, so therfore I know I have not ovulated! This is very discouraging to me but I am trying not to stress out about it. I did some research online about "natural" ways to induce ovulation. I found many sites for an herb called Soy Isoflavones, it is an Estrogen based plant thar increases natural estrogen during af to stimulate follical release! I took them cd3-cd7 and am hoping it works! I chose not to use opks this month but to continue to temp! I was so obsessed with the opks that I used them all up within a few weeks! Hopefully with the pending crazyness of gift giving and cookie baking I will forget about this struggle and relax!

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  1. Hey Christina! Really hope it all works out for you this cycle. Sounds like TAB and just relaxing for the Holidays is just what you need! Praying AF comes on her own this cycle.