Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pcos...the good the bad and the irregular

I had my well woman check up last week. It wad nice to see dr.Cooper and the staff. It's so funny how you are immediatly brought back to prenatal visits by walking through those double doors! As I waited for the dr I got out my list of questions and concerns, are they stupid,do I already know the answers?? The soft knock broke my daydream as I was greeted by a familiar smile! We began to talk about our kids( Elise and get son are a week apart)! She then did the exam and began asking how the ttc was going! With a heavy sigh I explained my irregular cycles and lack of menstration (TMI)! She brought up a past u/s I had done after Ava was born where they mentioned PCOS( polycystic ovarian syndrome)! I had my suspicions about this and she confirmed the diagnosis! Basically my ovaries produce a string of eggs that never release and cause rocky cycles! Sypmtoms of Pcos include excessive hair growth,acne, weight issues,insulin resistence. I have the hair and as of recently the acne. We talke about working with this and making a baby! The game plan is : every month I will track my cycles, my temperature and take ovulation tests! If I do not get my period by day 35 I take a round of provera to start and repeat each month until pregnant. If nothing happens in 6 months we will start clomid( ovulation enhancing drug). U am apprehensive about sythetic medications for inducing womanly functions so the minute I left I hopped on the Internet!

I googled " natural clomid" and was shocked by all the sites that popped up! I came to fund out that many women with Pcos were taking an herbal supplement called soy isoflavones. I researched that and learned that it is an estrogen inducing herb that makes you ovulate!! Sign me up!! I drive out to whole food and bought a bottle! You take it in the dame days as you would clomid which is early in your cycle cd5-10. I am currently on my 4 th day of it and will hopefully ovulate early next week!!! I am temping every morning and checking all my secondary signs so... Fingers crossed this is our month!!!

The soy may or may not work but it's giving me some hope that I will ovulate! I just wish I wad within the "normal" range for a woman. 28 day cycle, 14 day lutal phase ..ect! Oh well, this is the body I was given and god will bless us with a baby when he sees fit!!

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