Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making a list and checkin it twice...

Wow, can you belive it? Only 3 more days until Christmas! I know I'm repeating myself when I say this, but this year is just flying by! The girls have been out of school since last week and we are filling our time wisely! So much too do,so little time!

My parents are set to arrive Christmas day around 1pm. For those that don't know, Kansas is one of the most unpredictable states when it comes to weather! As of today, we are awaiting round 1/2 storms! The first will bring heavy rains with possible thunderstorms. Yes, I said thunderstorms! Part deux, will included a major "winter storm"! Snow!!! As I am the first one to jump up and down for snow, I am apprehensive to it since my parents will be set to arrive in it's midst! We will go with the flow!

Wes and I have completed all our shopping! I must say, our girls don't realize just how good they have it! Just when you think the house can't house one more toy, you buy three! I have been so busy orchestrating menus and activities for the upcoming week! I have planned a nice quiet evening on Christmas eve with just the four of us! We are going to try out the "family service" at Elise and Ava's school! After we will be dining on my spinach and roasted red pepper lasagne with homemade sauce(per request from wes) and salad and bread!
We then will be up till the wee hours of the night trying to put together all the "must assemble" toys we bought! Christmas morning we will be off to the inlaws by 11am to open presents and eat lunch! Then, weather permitting off to the airport to pick up the Kane grandparents!! I have planned a feast for Christmas dinner and really need to get my lists in order! What a crazy couple of days we have ahead!

Please pray for safe travels as my parents embark on their long journey! Also pray that the family all gets along during Christmas! I can't wait to update with pictures of christmas morning!! Until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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