Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet emotions?

The house has been on the market now for 10 days! We have had a showing every single day except Sat, and Mon but had 3 last Thursday! Well today I made the mistake of doing a "drive by", the woman was sitting on the front porch while her husband was inside talking to the Realtor. I got a weird feeling that these might be the couple to buy our house. Around 8pm tonight we got an email feedback from they're Realtor, it said: " loved the house, shows very nicely, great updates! Buyers are a little unsure about the floor plan.". We are taking this as very positive feedback! At our price range most houses are in the same layout, we just have a more updated version, plus the fab walk out basement!!! We are hoping the view other homes in the area and realize this is the best fit for them!

Now on the other end. I realized after reading this that someone is going to buy our house. This will no longer be ours! I know it sounds lame and overly emotional but this was our first house! We renovated it inch by inch. We had both girls in this house, celebrated countless birthdays and holidays. Now someone else will be doing this! I know we will be in a bigger and better house but I have grown to love this place!

I need to re-read "money pit" post

I was cooking in my kitchen tonight like I do every night and realized, hey, some other mom or wife or girlfriend will be standing here soon! Wow!! That's when the floodgates opened. Wes walked in and took one look and turned around( smart move)! He returned and I explained what and how I was feeling! Of course he understands, he has put much more time and effort into this place than I have but all the same WE made this house a home!! I then had to picture myself in a brand new kitchen with granite counters, stainless steel appliances and all the fix ins, I got over it!

I'm also chalking this all up to my uncontrollable hormones! I finally OVULATED!!!! Wahoooooo! So now were in the dreaded 2 week waiting game. I am feeling quite confident about things and hope this is our month!!! I go for blood work on Thursday so we will know 100% if I ovulated, I sure I have due to my temp rise and other secondary signs. I know we hit all the right days too, it's just up to God!

Thanks for listening to my rant. It's just a miss mash of thoughts and emotions.


  1. I really hope you get KU this month girl!

  2. Thanks Joelle!! I'm feeling pretty confident but until those symptoms kick in I am still questioning!

  3. Praying that this is your month!!! : )