Saturday, March 13, 2010

Am I in Labor???

This clomid is wrecking havoc on my uterus!!!! The cramping started Tuesday morning and has progressivly gotten worse. I'm talking labor intense pains, doubled over pains,nausea causing pains! I called the nurse line on Tuesday and they said it's pretty common to have intense cramping on clomid. Ok, so I continued my week in pain taking aleve every 4 hours. Friday night was the worst. I could barely walk, I could feel my ovaries throbbing! I took a hydrocodone I had left over from a previous injury and drifted off into lala land! This morning my temp rose and my cramping has subsided. I am praying to God that I ovulated and that all that pain was worth it! I still am achy so I went ahead and called the "on call" Dr. They called back and I explained my symptoms and he said that my ovaries are filled with cysts(due to the pcos) and that the clomid is causing them to rupture. Wow, no wonder I've been in pain! I have land mines exploding on my already swollen ovaries! He called me in a rx for Darvaset(sp) and hopefully since the cramping has gone down I won't need it. I have a feeling I od yesterday and that's why I'm feeling better, but until I see that sustained temp I m not holding my breath. Please pray that this is working! I will be beyond devastated if I went through all this agony for another anovulatory cycle. I have my progesterone levels checked next Thursday. Please, please work this month! Please.


  1. I really really pray and hope that you did O and you get great news this month!

  2. good luck missy, that sounds miserable :(