Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Madness

Welp, we are officially on the Market!!!! Wea and I have been going full steam for the past week, talk about tired... We had the carpets steam cleaned, a stager come and advise us on furniture placement and also did some last minute touch ups. We are looking forward to starting the whole process, well minus the "get out of the house in 30 min rule"! So much going on and Its all a little overwhelming. Good news is that Wes was so persistant in calling the Sony company that we got a brand new 52 in Tv. Thank God! We had our basement re-carpeted and all our "major" issues are turning around! Hopefully the most imoportant one... A Baby, will be next! i can almost guarentee with all the craziness right now that it will happen!! ha!

I am currently on cd10 and waiting paitently for ovulation. I finished my clomid 3 days ago and had no side effects!! Hopefully that dosnt mean its not working! I will hopefully ovulate within the next few days!!! If not, we will try one more month and then give ourselves a break! I will update more later this week!!

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  1. So exciting that you already have showings! Good luck with the house and baby making, busy girl! :)