Monday, January 31, 2011


I figured after writing my last post I would be home within an hour to update. 3 days in the hospital and basically an episode of "Mystery Diagnosis" later, here I am.

I went and saw Dr. Cooper and she of course was very concerned. She pressed on my belly and the searing pain was so intense she immedietatly assumed I had appendicitis. Off the the hospital i went. They got me right in and hooked up to the baby monitors. They quickly drew a bunch of vials of blood for labwork, and had me lay in the fetal position everytime the pain would come on. The labwork came back nbegative for the appendix test, and praise the Lord because they were talking surgery. So they kept me overnight and got me up bright an early for an ultrasound of my organs. My Gallbladder was the next organ to be interogated. Just the pressure from the ultrasound wand sent me into hysterics. My gallbladder looked normal as did the other organs that she could see. I had such a build up of gas that it was hard for them to see much. I was brought back to the room, given GasX, Nexium, a lovely suppository and a huge freaking headache. My Dr. came and said that they are leaning towards an ulcer. I had one back in 2001 after my parents moved so I thought i would have been able to remember the symptoms. Well, I guess I forgot that things shift and change position while pregnant. With my last ulcer the pain would travel up from my stomach and roll like a ball till it hit under my ribs. Well with my stomach being in my ribs, the pain was just dispurste to wherever it could find. I have since been on a acid reducer, a very bland diet, and tons of water. After the 2nd day of the pills I already noticed a huge differnence. I could bend over, I could sleep at night, I was beginning to feel normal again. Wes had to take off of work to help me with the girls and to take care of me. What a scary thing to go through while pregnant. I was starting to think I had stomach cancer or some horrible uterine infection. I am just praying that this will be my very last visit to the hospital before I actually go into labor. We'll see...

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