Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 month update

Kellan is growing so fast, too fast. He cut his two bottom teeth this past week and also is starting to scoot. He has also realized (to my dismay) that he has boy parts... I guess it really doesn't matter the age of a man, they are all the same. ha. We have been enjoying some Indian summer days and also got to try out our new coat and hat when we got hit with 30 degree temps. He has been introduced now to sweet potatoes and green peas. Loves the potatoes, hates the peas. I blame my preparation, or lack there of, with the peas. I just couldn't get them smooth and silky. If anyone has a tip on how to do this, please tell me. We are also beginning to the first stages of separation anxiety. This is rough, I can't leave the room without him getting all worked up, I did find that if I continue to speak to him while roaming he is ok. I just can't believe we are now in the upward climb to turning 1. Unreal.

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