Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall 2011

This is by far my favorite season. I love crisp days and brightly colored leaves. We have been unseasonably warm so far but this week is supposed to bring that to an end! Hopefully the UGGs will be able to be thrown back into my everyday fashion routine!! Kellan is doing great. Still by far the most jubilant and pleasant baby to be around. He is changing every single day. He just cut his first tooth and unfortunately I found this out while nursing:( Little vampire drew blood. It took two days for me to feel relaxed while feeding him and then the little booger did it again. He is starting to scoot around and just learned how to scream. It's awesome (that was sarcasm)!
The girls are both doing great in school. We have our first Big school conference next week for Elise. I'm excited but nervous over it. Hoping she is right on par but hesitant to hear things that she needs to work on. No parent likes to hear about your child not doing well and for some reason I'm so concerned about this.
We all had a rough week of sickness last week and I think (fingers crossed) we are out of the woods. I had strep throat, Ava had a raging ear infection and Kellan ending up getting Impetigo which is a strain of my strep. Needless to say it was a long long week.
We are all excited for Halloween and the upcoming holiday's. We will once again be headed to the East coast to be with my family!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I just hate waiting and waiting for it to get here and then it's over in a flash. Oh, well. Ill still count down!

Some pic's of Fall thus far...


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