Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black thumb

Every year I pride myself with my beautiful flowers. This season started as any other, hit the city market up and bought the most gorgeous flowers. Everything was blooming and thriving. I was quite pleased.

Fast forward 3 weeks.

My wonderful "helpers" decided that they would miracle grow all my flowers. No problem, right? Well they filled the watering can with about 3-4 cups of the miracle granules and just enough water to make it into a slushy. They then proceeded to "feed" my plants to their death. I believe I was mowing the lawn when this happened. So now I am left with wilted, brown, decrepit looking flowers:( one planter was salvaged, but to say I am sad is an understatement. I know they were trying to help but at the same time I'm frustrated. I flooded the soil to try to flush the fertilizer. Hopefully i can save them.My veggie garden is thriving so I will focus my energy on that! Here are some pics of my flowers.

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