Wednesday, October 21, 2009

God's Hand

On Wednesday october 14 th my cousin gave birth to a healthy 7#5oz baby girl they named Flynn! I spoke with Caitlin the day she went into labor and urged her to go to the hospital( u could hear the pain in her voice)well she went and was admitted! The epi offered no relief and she ended up with an emergency forcept delivery! Luckily my aunt Dianne is the head nurse at that hospitals newborn unti(post partum)! I heard through facebook all the updates and eventually the birth announcement! We were all gushing over the new bundle of joy!! They were sent home from the hospital in Friday( I believe) and were settiling into life at home with a newborn! Pictures kept coming via facebook and it brought back such precious memories of both my girls!!! The last I spoke with Caitlin she was telling me her birth story and the ups and downs of delivery ect...! I saw later that weekend that they were planning on going to an army choir concert in Sunday night!

Monday morning I recieved a text message from my mom that Caitlin her boyfriend and 4 day old baby Flynn were all involved in a horrible car accident! My heart just fell to te floor as I thought of every possible senerio and their outcomes! I immediatly got in the phone and sailed my mom! The story is: the 3 were leaving my aunts house on their way home for the night! They approached an intersection an were hit by a guy running a red light! The car impacted in the passesger side and basically totalled the car! The boyfriend broke a few ribs and some bruising and Caitlin ended up with a shattered right leg! Flynn, was unharmed and SLEPT through the entire thing! Caitlin was taken to the hospital were she ended up getting transfered to a sufferer one that specialized in orthopedic surgery! She under went 6 hours of reconstructive leg/foot surgery! She almost lost her foot! She is still in the hospital and in a great deal of pain! She has a metal plate with screws in the outside that must be tightened accordingly! The baby was able to go back to the newborn nursery and be taken care of by my aunts co-workers!

For those that have children, we all know the first few months can be hell! The sleepless nights, the soreness from delivery, the uncertaintity of everything! Imagine why she is feeling! She can't get out of bed and has to be takn care of! The desire totake care of her new baby is overtaken by sheer pain and discomfort! I do k owthat her whole family has been by her side and will help her in everyway, buy I know she realizes all those first moments of bonding and experiences will forever be lost! This breaks my heart, an as I mother I can't even fathom her own heartache! Hopefully one day she can look back and tell her baby Flynn one hell of a story!!!!

This showed me that lives can change in a snap, their is no segregation when it comes to tragedy and also that god was their for that baby! For Caitlin to be so incredibly hurt is still frustrating, but God laid his hand on Flynn and kept her from harm! I pray for the whole family and wish them all nothing but gods prayers and support through this trying time!

Please pass on these prayers!!!!

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