Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the Season

I hope everyone is getting into the Holiday spirit! I'm happy to say I have all my gifts bought and just waiting to be wrapped! The girls are going to be receiving quite the load of gifts this year! This will be the first Xmas that both girls truly understand! I can't wait to see the look on their faces as they come down Xmas morning. We have been filling our time with making cookies,decorating ornaments, and watching holiday movies! The girls love all the Xmas songs that have been playing on the radio. They each have one more day of school and then are done until January! This year had just flown by! It seems like last week I was going to meet their teachers and now were headed into Xmas break! I guess when my weeks consist of counting days and waiting for signs it can totally consume you!

I have put in a call to Dr.Cooper due to a sudden onset of bleeding yesterday. It was not alot but enough to raise a red flag! I am hoping it is a sign of ovulation(since I haven't since July) I am wondering if it's a build up of follicles that finally burst! Hopefully something happens this month and we can be done with this stress! Of course the Dr was joy in the office today and they will consult with her tomorrow and get back to me! I wonder if they'll want to see me?? I will update after I talk to them tomorrow!

In other news, it has been subzero outside! I mean freezing, I wouldn't mind so much if there was snow on the ground. I miss the snow covered ground all winter, the bushes and trees sparkling like a million diamonds! It was hard to explain why the snow melts and doesn't come back, Elise asked if we could go to the pool since I Said the snow melted because it was too warm out. Bless her heart!

My Mom and Dad will be arriving Christmas day and we are all very excited! I will attempt a prime rib! That is one expensive cut of meat that I do not want to ruin! I can't wait tomspend the week with them! I always enjoy their
company and hate when they leave! I wish my sister Jess was coming but due to
personal reasons and school she will remain back east! Pray for her heart to heal so she will not miss another family get together again! Also if you could pray for my dear sweet grandfather! He is in complete heart and renal failure and is now refusing to eat! We are all walking on pins and needles as the sound of the phone sends us into panic! I hope
god will ease his pain and he can enjoy the time here he had left!

Sending you and your family's much peace and love during this holiday season!!
~ Christina

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