Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What a blessed holiday season so far!

My Sil called tonight with news of a surprise BFP!! I am so happy for the whole Ringle family!! The new baby is predicted to arrive in early August! Baby Natalie and new baby will only be 18 months apart!! Sounds like Elise and Ava!! Hard work but totally worth it! As I heard the news I of course was filled with many emotions. I couldn't be happier for them and wish them all health and happiness inthe following months to
come! I struggled with wanting to share out struggles and before I knew it I blurted it out! I explained how we have been trying for what seems like an eternity to no avail! Like the gracious and kind hearted woman she is, Nancy apologized for her news! That wasn't my intention at all, and I hope (Nancy) if
you read this you know just how happy I truly am!!!! Our struggles are out of are hands and rest in that of our God. He will provide me with a child when he sees fit and we are accepting of that! I do however hope that we can be preggo together and share our gripes,concerns and joys with each other!!!

In other news, the Dr office called back and said they have no
explanation for my breakthrough bleeding! The nurse was so
kind and actually listened to what I had to
I explained that I am beyond frustrated with not ovulating and having to
use synthetic drugs to produce a period. She said that if nothing happens by January to set up an apt and talk fertility treatments! This scares me too death but gives me a Ray of hope! I will continue to
temp this month and take my provera as needed. I am going to research the
drug Clomid Which is most likely what will be Rx to me. I really didn't want any medication to aid in conception but at this
point I am just flat out frustrated.

Please pray that I can have a calm heart and easy mind! I know that God has all his
plans laid out already, and I just pray that we will be blessed with his presence soon!

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