Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Sunshine State

We just returned home from our week long trip to Florida! Needless to say, we had an absolute BLAST!!! Everyone is tan and somewhat relaxed now. Now only if the girls would stop begging me to take them to the pool everyday. Our's will not be open for another 3 weeks!

We left early for Ft.Meyers on Saturday morning, 4:15 to be exact!!! We got checked in and waited for the announcement to board. The lady came on the speaker and informed us that due to weather in Atlanta we would be delayed until Atlanta airport reopened! OK, no big deal, oh wait, we have a connection that would have regularly only granted us 30 minutes to transfers planes! Yikes! Hopefully since the airport was completely closed that would mean that our other flight would be delayed as well. We finally boarded the plane 2 hours later than scheduled. We were seated all together in the rear, and off we went! I will spare you the horrible details of the traumatic plane ride! My knuckles were a shade of white I never want to see again! Luckily the girls slept through it all! We landed,( THANK THE LORD ), and ran to see if our flight had already left. Yup, missed it by and hour and a half! UGH!!! We were sent to Customer Service and there they gave us our options:
A. Wait until the next flight to Ft.Meyer at 6:15 arriving at 8

B.Fly into Sarasota and rent a car and drive 1.5 hours to Ft.Meyers.

We cussed and discussed, the kids were so antsy so we decided there was no way we could survive 7 hours in this airport. Sarasota here we come. We left on the 2:15 flight, which was also delayed due to lack of a pilot, SERIOUSLY????? 2 Hours later we made it to Sarasota were we rented a minivan and headed to Wes's Parents house! We arrived there around 6:30, should have been there by noon that day but oh well, cant control these things! We had a great visit, the girls swam in there pool, we ate seafood like it was going out of style and we went out on they re boat and saw dolphins! It was so nice to relax and enjoy the warm air, and not have to worry about cleaning the house or laundry, or what to make for dinner!

We left Ft. Meyer on Tuesday, and headed to Orlando to go meet Mickey Mouse!!! We got to our hotel around 12:00, got checked in and boarded a shuttle to take us to the magic kingdom! We got to the park around 2, and off we went. We stood in lines in the blazing sun, for most of the rides, but all the waiting and aggravated kids were worth it! We went on every ride except the roller coasters, it was a very tiring day! We stayed for the light parade and the fireworks that closed the park at 10. the girls were beat, the slept the whole ride back tot eh hotel and didn't even wake when we changed them into their jammies! What a fun day!!

After Disney we headed to our final destination down the street at the JW Marriott. Let me tell ya, it was A MAZ ING!!!! Wes had his meeting during the days and the girls and I would go to the pool and hang! They had 7 different pools that were all connected by 1.5 mile lazy river, need I say more?? in the evening we would go to the receptions with Wes for dinner. It was an absolutely amazing trip, i loved every part of it, and even though it was a nightmare getting there, it was well worth it!

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