Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too good to keep to myself

Okay Mommas! This is how its done!First, you will need an Amazon account (It's free, and wonderfull)Then you need to sign up for Amazon mom- Also free. This will give you 3 months of free shipping and 30% off diapers and wipes ordered thru subscibe and save( guess what, subscribe and save is free too!)Now, you need to get an Amazon 20% off diapers code found in many parenting magazines. Right now, you will be at 50% off your diapers, how sick of a deal is that?! Now here is where you can really sweeten the pot, In random issues of parenting the early years and fit pregnancy there is a $10 off a baby store purchase on Amazon. You can use both of these codes on one order!He is how my order broke down,$40.88 was the cost of the box of pampers I chose.I got free shipping with Amazon mom )I saved $8.18 with the 20% off diapers code.I saved $10 with my $10 off codeThen finally, I saved $12.26 buy signing up for subscribe and save.Making my Total $10.44 for 204 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers size 3!*THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND*You can only do one box at a time with subscribe and save.Only certain diaper brands qualify. I'm not sure what ones, I always do pampers. Other companies sell on Amazon, and only diapers shipped and sold by Amazon will qualify.You can only use one of each code per account, per experation date. (So you can only use one 20% off code that expires on 2/28/11on your account but can use another with a different experation date)My husband and I both have accounts to solve that problem )You can get better deals/more diapers depending on what size you need!The $10 off coupons are VERY HARD to come by. But even with only the 20% off code, the diapers would be about $20!

I signed up on Saturday and my total was $22.37 for 180 nb size diapers!! The best part (that i didn't believe would really happen) is that the 2-3 day shipping was just that!! 3 Days, and free!!! I am going to go ahead and cancel my subscription and re-subscribe for the same great savings!!


  1. Christina - I order all of our diapers through the amazon mom with subscribe discount (so 30% off). But I am so glad you mentioned that you can use a coupon code on top of that! I get 2 boxes delivered every month, so I'll have to figure out how to add the coupon! Love a good deal!

  2. You should do Swagbucks, If you earn enough points you can get gift cards. I also use these when ordering the diapers last month I didn't pay anything for my diapers. You can get as many gift cards as possible and use that many on your accout. Its wonderful.