Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is nesting really a necessity?

Why do us pregnant women feel it's a necessity to clean every nook and cranny before our babies come?? Will a newborn really resent us if the freezer or tupperware cabinet are not in tip top shape? I find myself with an endless list of things that MUST get done and while it sounds amazing in my head, my body just gives out halfway through the task. Today the agenda was : clean and organize Wes and my closet, re fold all towels and sheet sets in the linen closet, clean under the sinks and organize our bathroom crap. What I ended up doing was : Detail my freezer, clean under the whole unti, and then detail the entire kitchen. I scrubbed dog bowls, and even cleaned out my oven!! The kitchen is so sparkly clean I refused to cook in it!! This took an exhausting 3 hours, I took a "lunch break" and that actually carried right over into "dinner break." I did manage to get to the grocery store and get all my week meal ingredients. Now Im hurting. My legs, hips and feet are done!! Im going to reward myself with some oreo's and hit the sack. Tomorrow I might just cross something off my list...or create a new one!

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  1. Its so crazy the items we feel we need to accomplish before the baby comes. I think its because we know in the back of our heads that if we don't do it before the baby comes its not going to get done for a really long time! I went into labor early and one of the only things I could think about in the hospital was that I needed to dust my blinds :)