Sunday, March 27, 2011

A baby story...

I am finally able to sit down and take a moment to write this out.

Kellan Wesley Sikes
6.5lbs 18 in

We are down to 5.12lbs but thankfully my milk just came in today and we will fatten him up.

As you all know we had a scheduled induction on Wednesday the 23rd at 7am. Leading up to that I had been contracting on and off for the past 3 weeks with multiple false labor contractions and many sleepless nights.
The night before my induction we were all basically running around like crazy doing stupid things that didn't even need to be done. DH insisted he re-caulked the kitchen counter. I mean was that really necessary?? Anyways, I took an hour long shower, shaved my legs and tried my best to "tidy" up the lady parts. I actually did a pretty good job. We headed to bed around midnight, and as soon as I laid down I knew I was in trouble. Tick Tock... 2 am and I was still awake, thank God for Tylenol Pm.
We woke at about 5:45 and headed to the hospital at 7. We were greeted by my nurse, and I was a little weary of how we would work out together. You sometimes have that instant connection and other times ya don't. Well this one had to grow on me, but of course in the end she was my best friend. We got situated in our room, I explained my desire for my natural birth, blah blah, blah. She seemed supportive but not overly enthused. She started my IV which was horrible, I blew a vein and my hand is still sore. Basically we hung out until 8:40 when my Dr came in. She checked me and guess what?? yup, 4 cm and 90%. Imagine that. So we broke my water and everything was clear and flowing nicely. I assumed since I was already dilated so much and having all these crazy contractions that I would just boom, go into hard core labor. Nope, I basically had 3 contractions from 9 am till 11. My Dr told me after she broke my water that if I didn't progress by noon I would have to go on Pitocin. So I walked and walked and walked. I must have walked for 2 hours straight. I got back to the room after not much excitement. The nurse checked me and I was a 5!! wazoo!! At least I didn't have to go with Pitocin. I hung out in the room and sporadically would have a good strong contraction. I never once had time-able hardcore contractions. I had to be on the monitor 20 minutes every hour. Around 1pm I decided to get in the tub and relax. Still I was feeling great, talking, joking. I hung out in the tub and had 2-3 really hard contractions. I all the sudden got very hot. I started feeling lightheaded and sweaty. I asked everyone to help me out of the tub. The moment I stood up I instantly knew. My poor husband thought I was still joking around when I yelled at him to call the nurse. I felt him continue to drop as I tried to walk over to the bed. By the time I made it from the tub to the bed I was in pure agony. I threw my upper body across the end of the bed and started yelling for pain meds. No way was I going to be able to survive hours of this without medication. My nurse was still not in the room and I kept yelling to call her again. In she came. The minute she looked at my face she knew. She got me into the bed and checked me. She kindly said 7/8 cm. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME??????????? That right there I when I wanted to die. Just as I was about to have a hysterical breakdown something happened... My body began to involuntarily push. I freaked out. i told her to check me again, granted it hadn't even been a full minute. She was entering something into the computer and I looked at her and yelled " HE IS COMING, CHECK ME AGAIN!" She ran over and quickly checked. This is where i kinda go fuzzy. She never once told me I was complete. All I remember was her with one hand inside me and the other on the emergency phone asking for backup. I began having the uncontrollable urges to push, and I was yelling and holding onto the the bed bars with both hands. it was a scene out of the exorcist. My poor mother never knew I was complete either so she had me fighting this urge to push and every time I began to push they would all tell me to stop and blow it away. I finally gave up and let my body take over. The room quickly filled up and there I was screaming and twisting my legs back and forth trying to not push this baby out. I looked at my nurse and told her to put something in my Iv, I told her to hit me, I told her I hated this. She responded "this is what you wanted..." I was in the middle of a contraction and yelled "I fucking lied!" My husband was so freaked out he stood on the opposite side of the room while my Mom was at my side. At this point my mom said I was so out of control she thought i was going to have a stroke. She grabbed my face and told me to focus. I yelled at her too. It is so hard to describe that pain, it felt as if I had a gigantic poop that wanted to come out so bad but wouldn't. I kept yelling I had to poop, I literally felt as if every time my body would involuntarily push that I was going to rupture a spleen or poop out my kidneys. I had 2 more pushing contractions that had me cussing and screaming and in the midst of the second one, in ran my Dr. I told her I was done and didn't want to do this anymore. I guess I asked if I could go home. lol She looked at me and said "Christina, it's time to meet your son." I will never forget those words. So right after that pep talk I had the crazy urge again, she didn't even have her gown on and i said, "he's coming, he's coming!" I looked down and she had what I thought at the time was the attachment to a vacuum, but it was really a syringe, as he began to crown I kept yelling " Pull him out Cooper, pull him out!" I honestly thought she was helping me to suction him out, lol. they give lidocaine during crowning to help with stitches after. So in just once contraction his little head crowned and popped right out followed by the rest of him. I think i would have died if someone told me to stop pushing after his head came out. I had had enough of that. my whole body started shaking, she suctioned him, he cried, I cried, and then I was handed my boy. He was so tiny. Full head of hair, and the most precious cry. My husband had made it to my other side just as I pushed him out. He later admitted that he was so freaked out by my pain that he froze. Bless his heart. I think it worked out best this way. I probably would have said thing to him I would have regretted. My mom had 2 natural births so she fully understood. they took my lil man over to get all his stuff worked on and out came my placenta. the Dr started to give me more numbing injections since she didn't have enough time before. that was so painful i asked for the epi. haha. she did hook me up with some stadol during my repairs. I only had a 1st degree tear. She said it was due to the one contraction crown and delivery. So I got cleaned up and so did baby boy and we were reunited. I was later told that my nurse knew my Dr wanted me to hold off on pushing as long as I could so she could be there. My mom and I both thought I was still at a 7/8 when she paged everyone in. I tried so hard not to push because i have heard of women tearing their cervix when the push too early. had I know I was complete after the second ck, I would have had the baby 10 minutes prior to my Dr even getting there. I'm kind of upset about that because that's why my recovery is tough. I basically had to fight my own body. In the end I got exactly what I wanted. I never envisioned it to happen so fast or be so painful. I always thought you have the 2 min apart Contrax, they get closer, stronger, you feel the urge... Mine was, relax in tub have a few big contrax and boom start pushing. The time line was this:
9 am ~ water broken
12:21~ onset of labor (I changed from a 4 to a 5)
2:05 ~ out of tub 7/8 cm
2:19~ holding baby boy.

I was asked if i would do it again, and honestly I'm not ready to answer. It is still so fresh and raw in my head. plus the fact that I feel like I blew out my entire ass doesn't help. It was the most intense and empowering moment of my life. I say why pull a tooth without being numb? My Dr also said had I not been induced I would have had the baby at home or in the car. I had planned on waiting for my contrax to be really intense and close together...well I'm just glad I was already in the hospital. DH could barely handle that.

We are home and all happy. Trying to adjust to a family of 5.


  1. OMGosh, I totally KNOW about the pooping part - I delivered a 10lb 1oz baby! They kept yelling at me not to push - WHATEVER!!!!! it totally happens involuntarily. I really wished my epidural hadn't worn off for that delivery. OUCH! Glad you have a healthy happy baby boy =)

  2. Natural birth, are you crazy? Haha. You re one tough cookie! Congrats on your beautiful little boy!

  3. Such a beautiful baby, girl! And so happy you got the birth you wanted, but sorry about the rough recovery. Hope you feel better soon

  4. I just found your blog from another one, and this was the first story I read,I give you alot of credit for being able to go natural,I know after one I could NEVER!!Congratulations on your beautiful baby!

  5. I don't usually follow blogs but I saw yours and decided to read this little story. I know I shouldn't have but I laughed so hard and I even had to share it with my husband. I can so relate to feeling like you blew out your behind. LOL I think that's why I found this so funny. My boys are now 25 and 21 and I always heard, "you forget the pain." For the longest time I would think, are you crazy, I will never forget that!! Well, I have forgotten how bad it was but I do remember it was bad. I did have an epi but my left side never got numb and unfortuntely I felt every stitch the doctor had to make, from front to back. Actually, just typing this makes me feel it again. :) Thanks for sharing your story and making me laugh. I am truly sorry you had to suffer so much though, that part isn't funny. Hugs!

  6. Great story - didnt realize how intense it was in the end! But I love the happy ending... Im afraid to ask, but Im curious, what does DH stand for?

  7. DH stands for Dear Husband. I'm used to writing on forums that use tons of acronyms.

  8. Not sure which blog I found yours on, but I enjoyed reading this! I had an epidural when my daughter was born 12/2009. I was WAY too afraid to go all natural. After reading this .. Well, I'm not so sure I'll go all natural next time around :-) HEHE. Thanks for sharing your experience! :-)