Monday, March 21, 2011

The time has come...

I will be meeting my baby boy this Wednesday! I am overly excited as well as filled with anxiety. After having false labor for the past 2.5 weeks I am ready to be done. I just am not sure if I am ready to accept that this is the last time I will ever carry a child. It's very bittersweet and I am over the moon to meet this little creature that has been dwelling inside, but I am also going to miss the belly, the little nudges, the excitement of seeing him move. Life is about to change for us. No more sleeping in on Saturday's or getting out the door in 5 minutes. I feel as if we are starting from scratch. It's only been 3.5 years since we've done this but it seems like a century. I know this is all pre baby jitters and once he is here we will forget what life before him was like, but damn I'm nervous. I am hoping a calm will come over me tomorrow and I will be able to rest and relax before the BIG day. MY induction starts at 7am and I am just praying everything will go according to plan. For those that have had a baby, we all know that dosn't always work out. I plan on laboring without drugs since I have had horrible experiences in the past with the Epi. I am nervous about this, but am trying to trust that my body will know what to do and that my support team ( Wes, Mom, and sister) will all do their parts as well. I can't stop thinking about what he is going to look like, and who is will resemble. How much will he weigh? The girls were both under 7lbs, but I have a feeling he is gonna be bigger, hopefully not too big. Please keep us all in your prayers. Safe and speedy labor and delivery. I will update once he is here!!

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