Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Labor Tour

I know I shouldn't be too bummed considering I was quite early and quite unprepared but when the nurse even said "he's coming tonight", how could I not be?? So here are the cliff notes:

Went in for my labor tour and while walking out to leave I kept stopping due to having a couple contractions. The lady I met with suggests I get ckd out and brings me up to the nurses station. They all look at me like I'm this stupid first timer with no clue. I inform them that this is my 3rd and the bee's start swarming.

Get hooked up to a monitor and BOOM, every 3 minutes they are coming. Not very painful, but there. I am checked and according to this nurse I was a 1 and 50%. My Dr had me 1-1.5 and 50% on Friday. So after the ck I just assume as did she that things would die out and I go home.

Nurse comes back in after and hour and my contrax are now 2-3 minutes apart. She check me, 2-3cm and 60-70%. What??? Now I start kinda freaking out. She goes and talks with the on call DR and he says "re ck in an hr". So now my contrax are getting closer and more painful and All I want to do is get off my damn back and work through them. But the on call Dr won't let me. So an hour goes by of me shifting in bed and basically just waiting for the next contraction. The nurse and I did have some fun talking about what a jerk the Dr is, lol. I get re ckd and 3-4cm 80%. I tell the nurse, I am getting out of bed and this DR can shove it.

She goes and talks with him and he finally admits me. I was so afraid he was going to just re check every hr until I was 10 and then say, "ya know what, this woman's in labor!". ugh. So I get my labor room with a tub and ball, and my husband finally makes it up. We had to figure out something for the girls. (Nightmare).

I get comfy in my room and of course say goodbye to my awesome nurse and get an old one. Whatever. I get into the tub and finally relax except for all the damn phone calls and texts. My poor mom and sister were so upset they were missing it. Anyways so I get out of the tub after an hour and lay in bed, the contrax seem to have slowed and I was hot and dizzy. The nurse checks me and I was the same. So then they explain that since baby is preterm by 3 days they can't do anything to help things along. The nurse then tells me the on call Dr wants me to take a pill to relax my uterus and help me rest. I refused. At about 3am I was exhausted and my contrax fizzled to every 4-5 minutes. I was basically sleeping in between them.

8 am my Dr comes in and we talk about everything, she checks me and I am exactly the same. She does note that I am having tons and tons of bloody show and still some pretty painful contractions. She says since the contrax are spaced out now and I have had no progress it's up to me. So frustrating being 2 days away from "term" and not being helped. I ended up staying another 6 hours before calling it quits. I got a new nurse that was a total bitch and even put her hand on my belly during a contraction to see if they were "real". I was done. I had her call my Dr and let me go. My Dr knew I was in pain and hadn't slept so she offered me Stadol. I had the nurse give it to me and then literally wheel me down the hall. Fun car ride home!!

So now I am home and having contraxt every now and then. I am still bleeding and passing tons of mucous, so who knows. I have an apt tomorrow for a sono and to meet with the Dr. The good news is that tomorrow is 37 weeks-TERM. So if I were to go into labor and "stall" they could help things along.

I just cant go through this up and down contrax thing for the next few weeks. My body is so sore and my emotional being is spent. I promise I will give y'all a baby story, I promise;-) I have a feeling it will be sooner than later, I can't [possibly walk around at 4 cm and be having these contractions for another 3 weeks.

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  1. I hope things move along for soon and your sweet baby can be in your arms.